UW Courses in Geospatial Information Science

UW-Madison offers courses in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Cartography and GPS. The majority of these are through the Geography Department and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. Classes are also offered (and/or cross-listed) through the Departments of Forest & Wildlife Ecology, Landscape Architecture, Soil Science, Urban & Regional Planning, GeoScience, and Library & Information Studies.

This listing reflects regular or periodic course offerings by subject matter. Click on the class name for more detailed course information. Course are also listed by semester offerings. But check the  UW Courseguide to confirm desired course offering when planning enrollment.

Instructors:  Contact Karen Tuerk to update information about your course offerings. 

Overview: Chart of Campus Geospatial Courses


Classes Offered by Semester

Spring 2013 courses
Fall 2012 courses

Overview of Geospatial Science
Geog 170: Our Digital Globe - An Overview of GIScience

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geog 377: Introduction to GIS

Geog 378: Introduction to Geocomputing

Geog 578: GIS Applications
Geog 579: GIS and Spatial Analysis
Geog 970: Seminar

Domain-specific GIS Courses
Community and Environmental Sociology

CES 977:  Spatial Data Analysis (for the Social Sciences)
Environmental/Natural Resources

Geog 576: Land Change Modeling with GIS
(currently a 676 topics class)
Geog: 577: Environmental Modeling with GIS
EnvSt 695: Application of GIS in Natural Resources
LA 695:  Applied Conservation GIS*
* These are the same course but with different emphases and instructors.  Led by Landscape Arch (Silbernagle) in even years and the Nelson Inst for Environment Studies (Ventura) in the odd years. 
Zoo 504: Modeling Animal Landscapes
Zoo 579:  Advanced Landscape Ecology

CEE 679: Topics in Transportation & City Planning – Travel Behavior

URPL 622: Application of GIS in Planning
URPL 841: Planning for the Ecological City

URPL 969: GIS and Planning Applications
Landscape Architecture

LA 262: Landscape Inventory & Evaluation Methods

LA 462: Regional Design
LA 695: Applied Conservation GIS

Library Science

LIS 640/810: Topics - Mapping Community Information Agencies
LIS 875: Topics - Spatial Analysis & Representation of Information (GIS)

Geog 370: Introduction to Cartography

Geog 572: Graphic Design in Cartography

Geog 575: Animated and Web-based Mapping

Geog 970: Seminar

Remote Sensing
GeoSci 118: Monitoring the Earth by Satellite
EnvSt  301: Intro to Environmental Remote Sensing
(currently a 401 topics class)
EnvSt 302: Intermediate Environmental Remote Sensing
(currently a 401 topics class)
EnvSt 900: Environmental Monitoring Seminar
EnvSt 556: Remote Sensing Digital Image Processing

FWE: Multivariate Methods of Remote Sensing
FWE 875: Topics - Remote Sensing of Ecosystems
FWE 900: Seminar - Remote Sensing of Vegetation

Global Positioning System (GPS)
GeoSci 444: Practical Aspects of GPS Surveying

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